Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Schwin - the bike people

Yeah! I need some exercise. I am incontravertably unlikely to leave the house each day..

So, I bought myself an elliptical cross trainer!

Hooray. Now the issue is simply NOT to overdo it. You know, I am the type who goes all out the first day and then never touches the equipment again cause I am just too sore or remembering being so sore.

So, I elliptically walked two kilometres yesterday and two today. Eventually, I'll go uphill and down dale; I'll walk in the park and smell the daisies..oops..no daisies here.

But I intend to lose some weight and get into some kind of shape. the current variety is kind of oafish, soft, and more than a little squeamish.

Better to be toned! down! cause I'm Amerikan and you know how noisy we can be??