Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kookaburra Serenade: Tales of Love and Adventure in Australia

Kookaburra Serenade: Tales of Love and Adventure in Australia, is very close to feeling finished - the forth edition of the manuscript. We were turned down by Random House Australia a year ago, had the manuscript professionally critiqued. We've been working on the fourth edition. We ought to be ready by 1 May to resubmit our work to agents here and in USA as well as in Britain.

Have to admit I grow weary of the story, but still there are moments when I read and chuckle. It is, however, the errors, that make me LOL , and there are plenty of those. There are also Red Bellied Black Snakes, pretty patymelons, 12 foot long carpet pythons, reef sharks, green tree snakes, roos aplenty, emus grazing beside roadsides, banana trees, macadamia nut branches, flipped 4-wheel-drives on sandy ocean beaches,and slick black clay beside two lane outback bitumen where five carriage long road trains with huge primary movers roar in lonely spaces of north western Queensland. As well there are screaming cookatoos, chortling butcher birds, colourful lorikeets, and argumentative Kookaburras.

To add to the adventure, one of us lives on a property whose mail box is ten minutes by car from the tiny house perched on the side of Mt. Goolman and the other luxuriates with the midges and mosquitoes of an inner city suburb, complete with back garden pool.

Now, aren't you just dying to read this story?