Saturday, March 28, 2009


Actually limped out of bed at 6:15 this morning to go walk on Mt. Cooth-tha - - urgh!

About half way around the circuit, the lovely morning mist turned into a shower! Would you believe. The heavens rained on me. First time that has happened in years. Cooled down my fevered brow, made the rocks of the descent a tad slippery, but I was careful.

Looks like we could get a little more rain this morning.

Lights out tonight - remember 8:30 local time flip the switch. Doesn't mean a lot, but it's fun to coordinate such an effort with the rest of the world's population who also have a desire to act in concert with one another.

love the planet including the volcanos that are spewing their guts and the sharks chasing the bait fish through our close to shore waters.

Oh - one more item - we are headed off for our honeymoon - a tad late - Here's the spot we will spend some of next week.

looks good!