Tuesday, March 24, 2009

प्रोग्रेस Report

Well, that's suppose to say Progress Report, but someone (probably my unconscious self) managed to change the Title Preferences so that the whole thing is printed in some planetary language that I cannot identify. Anyone have some suggestions for how to move it back to English? LIke it makes any difference at all! :)

So, Yesterday we worked furiously and tirelessly (both exaggerations) to reorganise DAS BOOK.

It has a new order, shorter chapters, moves more rapidly, has more suspense, more dialogue and instead of 22 chapters, has 31. Yes, it's an improvement, thank you very much!!

I owe my steady partner in writing crime a huge kudo for pushing us both to complete this onerous task. Her smiles along the way were worth so much in keeping my own mood focused on the task at hand.

Just thought I'd let you know.

And on another note, G is off today to dirty his fingertips in search of a positive police report to add to other immi materials which may/may not allow us to have personal control over our travel arrangements.

Does that sound a tad secretive? Yeah, well, let's just see how it all turns out. Eventually, I'll report in more lucid detail.

love you all..