Wilderness — A Meditation

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Actually limped out of bed at 6:15 this morning to go walk on Mt. Cooth-tha - - urgh!

About half way around the circuit, the lovely morning mist turned into a shower! Would you believe. The heavens rained on me. First time that has happened in years. Cooled down my fevered brow, made the rocks of the descent a tad slippery, but I was careful.

Looks like we could get a little more rain this morning.

Lights out tonight - remember 8:30 local time flip the switch. Doesn't mean a lot, but it's fun to coordinate such an effort with the rest of the world's population who also have a desire to act in concert with one another.

love the planet including the volcanos that are spewing their guts and the sharks chasing the bait fish through our close to shore waters.

Oh - one more item - we are headed off for our honeymoon - a tad late - Here's the spot we will spend some of next week.

looks good!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

प्रोग्रेस Report

Well, that's suppose to say Progress Report, but someone (probably my unconscious self) managed to change the Title Preferences so that the whole thing is printed in some planetary language that I cannot identify. Anyone have some suggestions for how to move it back to English? LIke it makes any difference at all! :)

So, Yesterday we worked furiously and tirelessly (both exaggerations) to reorganise DAS BOOK.

It has a new order, shorter chapters, moves more rapidly, has more suspense, more dialogue and instead of 22 chapters, has 31. Yes, it's an improvement, thank you very much!!

I owe my steady partner in writing crime a huge kudo for pushing us both to complete this onerous task. Her smiles along the way were worth so much in keeping my own mood focused on the task at hand.

Just thought I'd let you know.

And on another note, G is off today to dirty his fingertips in search of a positive police report to add to other immi materials which may/may not allow us to have personal control over our travel arrangements.

Does that sound a tad secretive? Yeah, well, let's just see how it all turns out. Eventually, I'll report in more lucid detail.

love you all..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

यू Street

New issue: campaign funding.

I know, I know. There are already too many 'new issues'. Still, I encourage you to take a moment or two to check out this little Youtube video of a reporter for You Street trying to attend all the congressional fund raising parties on one particular day in DC.

That would number 20; I suppose not too bad when you count the number of representatives and senators who serve us (yeah, right) in DC...something in the vicinity of 300 or so, I think. Correct me those of you who know.

Still, I love Nick and his approach in the video. Hopefully, his attempts to get some 'real' information will please you as well.

Take care - check out this video:

Life is good here in central east coast Oz. WE are busily making application for all kinds of permanent citizenship - in both hemispheres - dealing with bureaucracy, ya know; always a kick in the butt, the topic of the next blog entry.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Golly, Ms Molly

Ok, so here's the latest.

Graham and Dorothy were married last Thursday! Yep, on the fifth of March we took the amazing step into marital bliss. Well, ya know, what we did is head on down to the civil Queensland Registry where an Australian civil servant said the right words, accepetd the correct payment, and allowed our witnesses to sign on the dotted line..Suddenly, we were Mr Rutherford and Mrs. Shamah.. whoa.. what's this? No change in the bride's name?

Yep, for the time being. I play sometimes with wandering around the house being Mrs. Rutherford. Seems kinda old and matronly, a state I absolutely refuse to admit exists. So, for now, with Aussie law behind me, I can keep my name of the past 44 years and still be Mrs. Shamah.

When it's time to renew my passport and if my mind is still functioning at least as well as it is now, I'll make a change. In the meantime, we are playing with the whole fantasy of being married. Well, no, it isn't a fantasy. It's real!

And wonderment of wonderments, it makes a difference. I can't believe it! I never expected it, but there is a difference between de facto and in the eyes of the state government being married. Absolutely!

So, happy days! If you want to see pics, go to my facebook page. Out of focus to be sure, but smiling out of focus.. there they are.

About 30 friends joined us at the Powerhouse in Brisbane to celebrate later on the afternoon of the Ides of March and no one brought a knife..comradarie reigned.

love you all. LIfe is good..