Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fire and Rain

Amazing how fast the world provides a new disaster. Notice I didn't blame manunkind for this one, even though in some way I am sure we are responsible.

The last news indicates that the Victorian government thinks there will be at least 200 lives lost in the conflagration of fire that has criss-crossed their state in the past few days.

And so here we are at the cross roads. Floods in the north and wildfires in the south. If I were a practicing born-again, I might expect the END soon.

However, I'm not and I am impressed with the generosity of spirit and empathy that Australians feel for their fellows. The out pouring of goods, services, money, and blood on behalf of those who are homeless and injured is astonishing.

It is a good country, a good and hot and very wet country!

As for those of us here in BrisVegas; we have clouds today, maybe a shower tonight, temps near 35 C (92 F), but we are safe from flooding and probably from fires after all the rain that has fallen.

Every plant in my garden is in bloom, a psychedelic display of the fecundity of this natural environment.

And I? My only complaint is that even lifting my pinkie finger makes my forehead shed sweat. Books and a good fan are my retreat from the humidity. All is well.