Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wasps in the LIbrary

I just found Library Thing at this addy:

Decided to log in a couple of my favourite books - under Annielaural1.

Just to make sure I had the titles right, I took the books off my top shelf.

Lady Montague -- no worries
Kira Salak - - no worries
Isabella Bird -- no problem
Mary Kingsley (the lady of leeches) - four mud wasp nests fell off the binding as I dropped the book on the desk top.

Does that mean I have NOT looked at Mary Kingsley for a very long time or does it mean that even wasps know which of the intrepid women travellers I admire would love them, no matter what they did to her words?

Not as friendly as Ms Kingsley, I brushed the nests to the floor and retrieved the vacuum to sweep up the debris, eggs et al