Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

In Oz as in Britain, bloody has a different definition than it has in Nordamerica. Still, this blog title works in all three cultures on a day like today where the news headlines blare - Israel sends land troops into Gaza, Robert Mugabe institutes a solo government in Zimbabwe.

It rained all day yesterday here my corner of the globe. I couldn't help but imagine that the heavens were shedding tears on behalf of the worlds destitute populations who are in the throes of dealing with sociopathic heads of government who have no regard for their agony, who have no regard for the basic requirements of survival, who seem to care only for their political power and economic gratification.

In case you think me arrogant about my own government, let me assure you that I see W in the same light. Only, those of us in the west must accept our complicity in the decisions made by the American government. After all, enough of us voted for W to allow the Supreme Court to emasculate itself by appointing him president a second time.

So, I do not look at the plight of the planet from some higher plane. I accept my own responsibility for having fled the country in the face of W's overt denial of our constitution. I ought to have remained behind and worked during these years to effect change.

Hopefully, one man has the insight and the humility and the intelligence and charisma to initiate a kinder world view. It has happened before. With support from vast numbers of citizens, it could happen again.