Sunday, January 25, 2009

Possums and Pythons

Ya know the phrase, 'it's raining cats and dogs'? A northern hemisphere comment about the weather, for sure.

Today, instead we have reached 100% humidity and it's raining possums and pythons.

Well, not really. Both are wise critturs hidden away in their tree limbs or under the eves of houses keeping dry. That is, of course, assuming that roofs are repaired and leak proof in this downpour.

I think I am witnessing Queensland summer for the very first time.

The last seven years have been an aberration. Now, we are down to business in the WET.

Whole towns - lots of them - are inundated and cut off by road and even by air (no dry airstrips for planes and helicopters to land). They may not be visited for three or four weeks and so hopefully have stocked in enough BEER.

Roads have been become spreading lakes, not rivers, but lakes, taking in hundreds of hectares of paddock.

Mother nature is a wonderment.