Monday, January 12, 2009

knees - new technology

Have just made a doctor's appointment with a knee guy - a bone man!

Back in 1979, I tore the cartilage in my right knee as I was pounding down a steep grade in the eastern Sierra of California carrying a huge backpack. Limped to the car about a mile further on.

Ensueing years the joint healed and then ripped and finally in 2000 an MRI showed that the cartilage was totally gone.

Walking on cement, bitumen, beach sand, or cobblestones is painful. Walking on dirt trails or leaf litter is manageable.

However, today I made an appointment with a bone doctor here in Brisbane who grows one's cartilage in a petrie dish and then puts it back into the empty joint.

Hip hip hooray..and knee, knee, hooray, too!

Only problem - first appointment he had available is 27 May. Can't wait - weight loss, exercise, and strengthening life style for the next five months may put me in a place where I can have the use of my right knee back - minus the pain!!