Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gurl Talk

Delightful afternoon - and to top it off - full moon tonight!

Sat and drank wine by the river with two good friends - lots of gurl talk - multiple generational chatter.

Twas good for the soul - good for the psyche .

What more can one ask of a Satutday!

Woke early, walked the Kolgun - 2.5 kilometre track over at Mt. Cooth-tha with a good steep hill in the middle

As I came down the other side of that hill, I moved to the side of the track to let four university younguns run past - they were going the other way.

Three stalwart, 6'4" dark haired, non sweating, balanced, fast moving young men. Impressive

Thirty seconds later, here came their female compatriot, not so tall, stalwart, non sweating, balanced and fast moving!

I was suitably impressed

A bit later a Jack Russell towed his owner down the hill near the gravel quarry! Tiny legs -short - squat - and determined

It was one of those days - Everyone was out!