Thursday, January 08, 2009


Ah, I have just come from blogs of two friends and am entirely despondent about my lack of 'clever'.

Can you believe it? Yeah, I suspect you can. Rather than celebrating the wit and energy of my friends, I see them as competitors in the business of entertainment - written entertainment - blog entertainment.

Both of these blogs come from women who have suffered 'outrageous fortune' far beyond their own ability to create such circumstances. The universe has pounced without regard to intellect or value. And yet, both are celebratory in their recognition of what it means to live a 'happy' life.

My own less than courageous comments are most often couched in terms of drizzle or is it dribble or maybe drivel :)

I encourage you to check out their words and their worlds. Might shed a humourous light on some otherwise dreary corner of your own life - not that I think any of you live dreary lives. But these two women remind me and perhaps will remind you that the reason for being alive is to live!

So, I'm off to get on with it. Time to continue the edit of 'das book'! response from agent I contacted about representing 'das book' in Oz nor from the publishers who have it in their grimey little hands in Scotland and North Carolina.