Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Australia's idea of a tribute consists of two F-111s scouring the sky.

Here I sat with Debussy in the background wondering about the Australian of the Year's proposal that Australia Day be moved to another date so that indigenous people of this land and others who live in that massive middle of the continent, the part currently under water due to the WET having arrived, could celebrate also.

Currently communities in the north-central and north-east of Australia are surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of water with more storms on the horizon - a weather condition called THE WET, a condition that has inundated the northern tier of this country for the past several centuries at this time of year.

And in the midst of my ruminations, the deep growl accompanied by the high shriek of massive jet power rolled through the skies behind the fig tree wilderness of my neighborhood.

I smiled! Every Aussie bloke I know stood straighter, smiled himself as he considered the awesome power inherent in those massive phallic symbols.

Happy Australia Day to you, too!

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