Friday, January 09, 2009

American Dream

Question on the INFJ list-serve to which I subscribe: What is the American Dream?

Sigh! Way too complex to even begin to answer in so short a space, but the dot-point version is here:

* That children are our future; take good care of them

*That the natural environment supports care taking of children; value forests, paddocks, and streams, rivers, and air: foul none of them

*That education allows us to be better parents; provide it in all its manifestations to every citizen

* That good health care creates an environment where children grow into their strength: provide it to all regardless of income

*That greed destroys children; share your wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and material

*That unrestricted power corrupts our ability to support children ; insist on a sharing of decision making at all levels

I know there are dozens of possibilities I have chosen to disregard here. You might want to add to this list. I promise to add in next time whatever you choose to share. If ever in my life time there as been a moment when making such a list may promise change, it is probably right now..or just after 20 January.