Friday, January 02, 2009

2 January 2009

When a blog entry has a date on it, one might think that particular day is of some importance to someone.

Not so!

Instead, this is a day like any other - well, kind of. Overcast but cool in the early morning, the cloudy aspect highlights the architectural outlines of the Queenslanders on the horizon (across the valley from my ridge line to theirs) punctuated by a lone gum tree spiking into the grey sky.

The birds all seem dark as they flap past my window without benefit of sun to highlight their various shades. The crows are doing their southern dialect - always makes me smile.

On the TV two nights ago a particular program highlighted folks from Alabama. Their southern dialect also makes me smile and slides back into my awareness this morning as I listen to the Aussie crows. Must have been a long migration from here to there or vice versa. No stark CAW here, but a two dimensional tone with a lilting drop at the end..CAWaah.

Obviously this entry is an attempt to escape the news of the Fertile Crescent. Who can welcome continued news of two communities vying for the opportunity to destroy each other. Have they never read Frost?

In my other home in the northern hemisphere this is the first day of 2009. And so, may I wish my northern neighbors a pleasant respite from partying, from too much jangling New Year's spirit and a calm, balanced step into 2009. We may all need to hold on to balance this year.