Saturday, December 20, 2008


Whew..we've been home for two weeks. Where does the time go? I know, we all wonder!

Supposed to rain last night. Storm passed us by but left dark skies this late morning. Should be cooler. Not sure if the lack of warmth will slow down the midges that use my blood to feed their eggs in some small corner of the greenery next to the house. Actually, I am told the little buggers better known as 'no see-ums' fly three kilometres from the Brisbane River in through my office windows to suck my blood.

I really wouldn't mind if they would just stop with the injections of itchy stuff. Urgh!

Had a traditional Aussie BBQ last night with friends over in Wooloowin (how do you like that for a burb name?) There were three kinds of meat, snags (sausages), lamb chops, and risoles (lamb burgers mixed with cheese). And a salad. yummy!

But whilst I was feasting, I was being feasted upon, even though Wooloowin is a tad farther from the River than my office. Double Urgh!

Hope all is well this week end before Christmas. May your two weeks off be joyful and full of laughter - the good kind -