Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Salvation Creek

Clear skies shimmer outside my office windows this early morning. Didn't go for my forest walk this morning. Gonna write the last entry of the year instead. Like there is a one or the other option in my busy life. NOT!

Just finished reading a memoir by Susan Duncan entitled Salvation Creek. Very disconcerting to meet a character in someone else's manuscript who mirrors a character in my own work.

Which leads me to tell you that our little manuscript is currently being considered by two small publishers, one in USA and the other in Scotland. Cross your fingers for us. It would be grand to see our manuscript inside a brilliant 'bush' cover sitting on a book shelf in Borders or Avid Reader or advertised on Amazon. We have also sent off a proposal to an agent here in Brizzie, hoping that she would like to represent us with some of the BIG publishing houses here in Oz.

And so..I wish you a delightful New Year's Eve..tomorrow for those of you in the USA, but tonight will be full of bubbly here in Oz. Pay for a taxi..don't drive, but do to all.