Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I meant to mention yesterday that the klan of kookaburras arrived around seven yesterday morning to welcome us back from the northern hemisphere. What a chortling chorus they created in the back gardens of our block.

Oh, I know. The birds didn't know we were back. Anthropormorphism, delightfully so.

As always a weather report - bluest skies with scattered puffy whites. Everything is so sparkley, scrubbed by three weeks of rain. I understand many homes in our neighborhood lost their roofs in storms two weeks ago, but looking out over the valley surrounding us, I can see no topless houses. I suspect work was begun immediately to protect contents.

Today is one of those firsts this trip. A walk down to Rosalie and a bus ride into the city for lunch at the Hari Krishna abode, Govindas, with friends. Vegetarian food seldom tastes as good as when it com from a Krishna kitchen - something about he spirituality and the clarified butter used in all recipes. A walk home would take care of the extra calories, only about two miles.

So, happy Wednesday to those of you in our corner of the world..and delightful Tuesday to the rest of the planet.

BTW, did you notice the live feed that I added yesterday? Keeping track is kinda fun.