Saturday, December 06, 2008


Home Again, home again: jiggidy jig

We are back in Oz! A good couple of flights! Central California freeways ought to be as clear of trafffic as the Tasman Sea between Auckland and Brisbane. It took us as long to drive from Carmel Valley, California, to San Francisco International Airport as it did to fly 2340 kilometers from Auckland, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia.

However, Main Events, the shuttle through the megapolis of San Francisco and environs, employs an astute driver who made the trip entertaining with a constant patter for the entire 3 hours. No complaints.

We reached the airport with time to spare in the United Lounge where we munched carrot and celery sticks; Is that traditional American airport fare?

Temps here in Queensland summertime hover just below 90 F with plenty of huge puffy white clouds dotting the skies - You know that means we who had spent the previous month at 8000 feet in the wintery eastern Sierra of California have some acclimatizing to do.

As soon as jet lag subsides, I'll share just how we intend to do that.