Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Twas the afternoon before Christmas and all through the house smells of turkey float
Five salads include a homemade FIVE BEAN fill the refrigerator as large as a boat
Presents are wrapped and piled on the back verandah table
Pretty and packed for those who are tomorrow able

Chrissie lunch will serve all three children, dad and partner and two others
Lonesome folks with no family with whom to celebrate their druthers.
A lad from Tanganyika and a lass from the planet- too many homes to list
Have come to join us because we insist.

Rain is predicted; winds clear the flies from the kitchen smelling of good food
Hopefully as always in this paradise the water will fall before the dawn interlude
to smooth the route of Santa to children on the east coast of Oz
just cause!

Wishes from down under to all you dear ones in the northern hemisphere
We promise to let you know if skies will be clear.
On our third longest day of the year
We send happiest Christmas cheer!!