Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yup! New topic for the morning. Those obnoxious folks who manage to slip through the filters we all set up to protect ourselves from assault (emotional, verbal, or physical) are to be avoided at all costs.

Just came in from my INFJ list serve on a different network. Topic of the morning was why folks determine to reach out and ruin even a moment of someone else's life.

The answer - they simply do not have the inherent or learned tools to be aware of their own garbage and so storm through life spewing same evil smelling detrius in the direction of the rest of us.

Most of the time I manage to miss these folks. There seem to be fewer of them in my life here in Oz. Aussies may whimper, but they seldom whinge, if you get my drift. As a result there is a whole lot less evil floating in the air.

Another good day in paradise. Hope the same is true in your world. Time to go oil the teak veranda furniture. It's been sitting all by its lonesome on the front and back verandas through the last three weeks of electrical storms and seems to have picked up more than a little life form of its own. First one must clean off the mold and then add some life giving teak oil to spruce up the rain forest wood.

be well - ctch you laters