Wilderness — A Meditation

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Carmel Valley

We arrived last night on the west coast..the right 8 hour drive across the breadth of California from Death Valley to Monterey. Wonderments along the way..smoky central valley, rainy highway 46 and a warm welcome from our grandson in the oak tree wilderness of the coast range. What could be better.

There has been a long and wonderful sojourn in the USA, a month in Nordakotah where along with twenty Cuban-Americans we joined a small town on the prairie, put a new metal deck roof on our little house on Stoney Run, a month in the mountains of central California where repairs on the outhouse and the indoor bathroom made a major difference in the ambiance of no running water life.

And here we are with one week to spend with family before flying back to Oz, the wonderland of summer rainstorms and midges interspersed with the companionship of good friends.

It has been a joyful reunion with American friends, a most bounteous election, with smiles and celebrations all round.