Friday, August 22, 2008

Long Time No See

Cliche' Where does the time go?

No matter, I'm back for a short while.

Sent the manuscript of Two in the Bush off to Random House four days ago!

And, yes, I will use that fact as an excuse for having been absent for so long. Time consuming, that's what writing a book is all about. Another cliche'..the devil is in the much to do to ready a book proposal.

Do think positively about this enterprise..for we want to publish not only in Oz, but also in America and Great Britain.

It is a good tale, told not by one but by two idiots!! only so identified because we both believe thoroughly in the viability of this project.

There are universal elements, complexities, and laughter all rolled into one volume.

Now, the waiting game!

hope all is well in all of your worlds..will write more on the morrow..
Life is pleasant here in skies, spring is sprunging – my garden has native blooms! Little happy dance!!