Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oops..three weeks later – where does the time go?

Okd, a report, time took me to Melbourne the day after I posted last. Three days visiting the cultural capital of Australia meant good food, cold weather and rain. As for culture, it's kinda like looking out the window at a small NYC. Every one is 'rugged up' in black. Tattoos appear on a variety of arms, ankles, and necks. The trams work in a timely manner and the taxi drivers are polite and accurate.

We spent the time with my partners sister and brother-in-law, ate good food on Melbourne's South Bank, and laughed through it all. It was so good to visit family including my partner's mom who celebrated her 89th birthday while we were there.

And since then, it's all about recovery and writing. I have some posts to offer up to you in terms of my latest attempts at memoir. I will promise again that they will be forthcoming. Maybe this time I will follow through.

Winter is a jolly fine time in Brisbane. Sunshine by 9 a.m...we are quickly moving to the long side of the winter equinox with dawn birds singing just a tad earlier each morning – not that their song influences our leaving the warm flannel sheets into which we have tucked ourselves the cold night before.

Life is good.

Finally, below please find the link to my favourite news reporter – Bill Moyers; it's a short piece on oil and Iraq..doesn't tell you much you didn't already know, but for goddess sake, it seems that if a news reporter can give us these quotes, Kucinich's attempt at impeachment ought to deserve some real action by Congress.

Here in Oz, I'm counting down the days til Bush & Co exit Washington. Am hoping they pack up all the neocons and drop them in the garbage bag with the rest of their trash on their way out of town.

luv to you all...annielaural

It Was Oil, All Along
by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship