Sunday, June 08, 2008

Good Sunday morning! Blue sies sprinkled with puffy whites.

The good witch did battle with the rain showers and survived. But, she took a long and winding path back to the internet. Good to have finally arrived.

It is not quite 7 a.m. here in Oz; another fine winter day as we zoom towards the winter solstice! Dark by 5 p.m....light comes around 6:45 a.m. which, of course, means we sleep more.

trimmed the shrubs outside my office window and note today tht the little Queenslander houses on the opposite ridge line are clearly outlined against the morning skyline. I can see a wide swath of the hollow before me.. even the larger vehicles traelling along Baroona Road at the bottom of the valley.

I'll be back with news tomorrow. WE are off to brekkie in a few. Happy week end to all!