Monday, May 05, 2008

Crazy Mixed up Personality Types

Ok, so now if you have listened to the southern hemisphere choir, you might enjoy a little giggle at this web site with slightly slanted info on the MBTI, The Meyers Briggs Temperment Sorter. Click on the title of this entry or use the addy below.

I thought it very funny. A great way to begin my Monday morning in the midst of that same birdsong you may have listened to. By the way, had new music yesterday..Currowong came to munch on the figs in the big tree in the back garden. The regulars really resented the entry of a new species and the racket was kinda like a death metal concert. No one was tossed into the audience though – without a doubt, the Butcher Birds tried.

Tomorrow we join the birds in flight. Headed down to Hobart in Tasmania for a week to celebrate Graham's 60th birthday – Hooray for the Boy Toy. He has almost made it to adult hood.

It's gonna be cold and rainy – just the weather he most enjoys.

I'll post pics and story upon our return.

Be well!