Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cold Westerlies and clear skies

Winter has arrived a month early.

9 degrees celcius last night – snuggly sleeping keeps us warm. We still haven't closed the veranda doors – Winds from the west swept the final leaves from the Frangipani trees at the end of the veranda.

Before bedtime thunder and lightening provided a light and music show that we haven't heard for quite some time. Cold air off the continent meeting warm moist Pacific Ocean air creates energy..opposites attract!

I have been missing for days. Our trip to Tasmania for six days is one of the reasons. While in Hobart, the brick and sandstone capitol of Australia, other American visitors arrived – 9000 sailors from an American battleship touring the Pacific.

Twas pleasant to hear my own patois for a bit in the squares and shopping center of Hobart.

We also travelled south to the most southern town in Australia – no match for Ushuiaia in Patagonia, Argentina, but also a forested, a green spot on the land map. We looked at a house for sale in Cygnet south of Hobart. Located on an ocean inlet with yachts in the harbour and green lawns backed up with forested ridge lines, we enjoyed black swans preening on the quiet ocean waters.

We stayed in Battery Point at a charming 1830s vacation apartment provided to us by friends of Graham with whom he has worked for years. The Battery Point bakery has flat whites and scrambled eggs w/Tasmanian salmon to satisfy the most discerning palate.

We also travelled north to Freycinet National Park – the subject of the second web page below.

I am including a couple of web pages to entice you to southern Oz on your next visit across the Pacific. It is truly a lovely parcel, I promise!