Thursday, April 10, 2008


Back again to the same ole, same ole

One just never knows what will work unless/until the risk is taken and the deed is done.

The workshop was a wonderment. Claire Scobie's Last Seen in Lhasa is worth your time. Her presentation was certainly worth mine.

I feel energised by the opportunity to work with her and with the other workshop participants on a rainy afternoon.

I met another ex pat – of the most unusual sort – an European born in Japan, raised in China, married to another European from an entirely different culture.

We will have coffee another day next week.

The manuscript has been edited one more time with lots more work to do.

The book proposal is the next step and mailing it out to publishers the next step.

My friends in Amerika are being supported by their community! Hooray for those who inspire truth telling and freedom of the Press – may they win the day!

love to all..