Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday – Overcast Saturday

My connection to the internet is problematic this morning – not sure if it is my machine or the cyber world interfering. After all, it is an overcast Saturday morning and what are millions of Australians doing if they cannot surf or serve as tasty tidbits for sharks along the east coat of this land?

Just had an email from a friend who is undergoing various treatments for cancer. She, too, has a blog on this site. If you would like to smile, laugh, and enjoy the throes of life with cancer-treatment, just click on the title of today's blog. It will take you to Janell's blog

In the meantime, work on "Two in the Bush: a memoir of love and life in Australia" is well underway. What else can one work on in the midst of the blocked sun, cloud filled skies of southern Queensland.

Be well, my friends. Catch you soon.