Friday, April 04, 2008


No telling what will make a difference - always amazing what information can be useful - the primary reason for keeping one's eyes and ears open ALL the time.

Went to a CG Jung Society of Queensland meeting last night. Speaker was presenting her trip to Egypt and the association that trip had to her recovery from 'trauma' suffered about five years ago. Isis and Osirus were the mythological focus of her presentation.

First of all, it was interesting to see how Aussies deal with those who are unprepared. I was acutely aware that if I had been making the presentation, I would have done a trial run with the technology that I needed to use.

Not so here!

My impatience had to be showing on my face and finally in my hands as I led the clapping at the end of the presentation, almost cutting short the entire room. Damn Amerikans - I am one of the pushy bunch, to be sure.

But, I also want to write to the speaker because she gave me so much fodder to chew cud-like all of last night and well into the morning.

She also offered me enough information to cure my malisse for the moment.

Today, it is work on the book. Today, it is lunch in the city with women friends.

Today is preparing for Sunday's workshop on writing Travel Memoir.

Today the sun shiens, the clouds billow in the blue skies, and I am feeling fit and able to cope with life.

What a roller coaster I chose to ride on.

Hopefully, all of you are better prepared to face the contingencies of your lives than I have been lately. Hopefully, this day dawns with a smile on its face and ends in relaxation and a sene of equilibrium.

Here in Oz, it's Friday..and I promise you a lovely one at that.