Thursday, April 03, 2008

The interior

No, not the Red Centre of Oz. Nope, not the mid-western USA. Not the molten ball thousands of miles under the granite outcroppings of California's Sierra Nevada.

My own interior has churned itself into an emotional basket case these past three days. I write here in an attempt to escape the monologue that beckons me to slid deeper into the quick sand of my own emotions.

You know how anxiety feels? Most of us have had that experience once or twice in our lives and I suspect we each express that out of control moment a bit differently. My guts cramp, my eyes tear, my nose runs, my mind begins to close around whatever image or thoughts have taken it captive.

So, I'm gonna go walk in the wilderness. Often the adrenalin dissipates with physical activity. The birds remind me that my only real purpose in being here is to be here..and then of course, I realize that I have already completed the reproductive imperative and that really there is only one other reason to continue and that is to assure that the next generations grow to maturity and continue the line.

Now, that makes me smile!

Catch ya laters...