Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Animal Imagery Poem

I know, I know..I missed a day or two. Sat here right in front of the computer and asked myself if I had something to say. Of course, I did, but not the energy to actually type it out.

Some claim that after an extended period of time in right hemisphere – imagery – one has to re-orient back into 'real life'. Guess that will be my excuse.

Nonetheless, here I am on Christina's birthday full of energy. Blue skies and birdsong do that to me.

Here is the poem I offered to the Saturday Performance at the Animal Imagery workshop. Hope it isn't too esoteric.

Bornhoffen Imagery

Arrival –
Cicada and tiny frogs out-sing my tinnitus

Rivulets of autumn rain plow a bare crusted river path.

Ah – I, too, am here in hopes of being laid bare
stripping the conscious layer from the mandarin of my mind,
exposing sweet segments to digest.

Nguntjerri's sage brought me dugong
An old woman grazing on Morton Bay sea grass

While others appropriated
my southern accented Australian crow
and intrepid Wedge Tail Eagle.

Did Windwalker release the cleansing gusts
to whip through our dreams?

Animal Imagery provided a cozy warmth
on a wind swept night –
until the wind, exhausted,
abandoned her pursuit.

In this place, one must clear a lawn
from which to view the hearty life force of a
forested, be-vined, unconscious haven.

Listening with new ears,
Indigenous rhythms meld into
Unconscious spaces in the unfolding psyche

A celebration of new beginnings.