Monday, March 31, 2008

What makes life worthwhile or why climb out of bed in the morning?

What makes my heart sing these days? A new opportunity, random acts of kindness, smiles, birdsong (NOT a hundred lorikeets), golden orb spider webs, spring blossoms, the first cool night of autumn, an unexpected turn of good luck, a visit from one of my children, playing Darth Vader with my 4 yr. old grandson, sunrise, rain on the roof at dawn, seeing a barefoot pedestrian in the CBD; You know..the list is endless. Every day is such an amazing opportunity and I know there are maybe only 20 years more of them to each one seems absolutely amazing.

My ultimate goal at this point is to keep my mind working in an acceptable manner..My mom died with senile dementia.. her loss of personality was a loss to all of us..her brain had turned into a jellyfish minus the tendrils..I want to live the rest of my life with more cognition that she had at the end.