Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spider bait

Yuppers! That's me: spider bait.

Whilst (don'tcha just love that word?) we were travelling for two and a half months in the northern hemisphere, the rains came to south eastern Queensland - scads and scads of rain. The damns were at only 17% capacity when we left. Upon our return they had reached a high of 40%. That's a lot of water falling from the skies.

And what does that water have to do with spiders? Do you recall the nursery rhyme - tinsy einsy spider crawls up the water spout?

Not only did the rains come, but the greenery in my front garden overwhelmed the space I had allotted it. The vines grew up and over the lovely yellow picket fence and bagan to overwhelm the sidewalks. Even the lovely Frangipani in the side garden took wing and left little space under which folks could walk past (passed) our house.

My immediate job was to rescue the fence before the vines pulled it down...and so wade into the morass of green I did, but as always without thinking carefully about the process first.

In my black running shorts, my tivas, my hat to protect me from the sun and my sunnies to protect my eyes from the development of further catarracts. My face and eyes protected, I gave little heed to the needs of my ankles, knees,thighs, elbows all of which acted kind of like the 'water spout'..a place for the tenents of my garden to escape.

Spider food! Those damned Aussie spiders are spiteful! And they attacked. Along with the stinging ants whose bites really do hurt. I found red welts covering my legs and arms (actually, I had trouble finding my legs and arms. All I could see were the red welts) when I came in to shower after my bout with the kudzu..or whatever the name of the Aussie cousin to the South American fast growing vine.

As I sit here typing, I am itchy! Scratching has become my favourite activity - especially the itchy welts on which I sit. Go ahead laugh as you see my friends and family squirm as I sit at the supper table contstantly scratching. That's one way to eat less and it works for the others at table as well. They can think of a whole lot of other activities that would be more interesting than watching me scratch.