Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Front Garden

Oh yeah..the front garden. Haven't ventured out there today cause yesterday I did one of my fancy back flips into the duff! My left elbow took the blow rather gracefully managing to miss all the rocks and various roots that I had just carefully trimmed.

How did I fall this time? Only the goddess knows, but the best part of the whole athletic adventure is that I broke nothing this time, just bruised my elbow, a bruise from which I will soon recover.

The garden looks good..minus various and sundry vines that had taken over whilst we were sojourning in nordamerika.

On Thursday I'll head to Neilson's Native Nursery to buy some new natives to brighten up the edges of the shrubbery. Those that I had put into the ground just before leaving Oz in December have done well. One died and seven or eight thrived. Hooray for natives. More on the way.

Matt arrives tomorrow for two weeks in Australia. I am so looking forward to our early morning meeting at Brisbane International. It is good to have one's son in the house.

So, I will try and write tomorrow..but if I fail, you will know why.

be well..have a fine week.