Friday, March 07, 2008

A Delicious autumn morning

Rising early has certain disadvantages, you know. This morning, the Butcher Bird was in full voice just after dawn; well, just before dawn which officially doesn't occur until almost 6 a.m. I was well awake when he began his serenade, snuggled deep into covers on a cool autumn morning.

As my Aussie partner awoke, he rolled over to note that I had had a restless night. "Was your knee bothering you," he asked?

"Oh, no," I smiled. "I dreampt that I was learning how to play football. Went on and on and on."

We laughed softly at the idea of a 67 year old learning new tricks and I realized that I had been quite actively blocking - you know,pushing one of those 'blocking devices' down the grass.

Dreams are forever opening new vantage points into the psyche, but I'm gonna have to do some work on deciphering this one.

So, I'm off to town for a haircut. Catch you laters!