Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dead Hard Drives

g'day from sunny downtown Brisbane..

We have had no rain since our return to the east coast of Australia but whilst we were travelling in the northern hemisphere the area dams increased their storage of water from 17% to 40%. And the century old Queensland Colonial in which we live smelled like it had rained just that much - musty is the word.

It feels good to allow the whole place to air out. All windows open, baking soda sprinkled in all the trash baskets and in the refrigerator. Sunshine,glorious sunshine does the rest.

Summer really seems to have passed. Temps are comfortably cool. Night time sleeping is enhanced not only by jet lag, but also by breezes through the open veranda doors.

As for the only complaint I might have about my return - My Apple G-5..the one with the double processor, faster than a speeding bullet on the web..Yeah, that one! Crashed the second day we were home.

It currently sits in the Apple Emergency Room and hopefully with the help of technicians will live to dance across cyber space once again sometime in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, my prayers to the cyber goddess plead for recovery of most if not all of the information on the old hard drive! Two in the Bush, the amazing story of two outlanders arriving in Australia to partner a couple of down under blokes, was backed up on dvd discs, but the notes to support the story were not. Journals covering the past seven years were not.

You have my permission to pray to whatever power seems to you most likely to help in recovery not only of the mighty G-5 but also of the contents of that Hard Disc.

Happy Wednesday from Oz..