Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Avoidance is a characteristic that drives me nuts - especially when I find myself deeply involved in the process.

Today is one of those days when it's easier to do nothing whatsoever rather than tackle the real jobs that need doing. The teak veranda furniture needs oiling, the washing needs to come down from the line, ironing needs to be done, the dish washer needs unloading, and several books need reading. My taxes need to be finished (I filed an extension since I knew I wouldn't have them ready in time) and my banking needs to be completed.

And what have I spent my entire day doing insted of these household tasks?

Well, I went shopping for Graham's birthday presents - his birthday is tomorrow.
I think that's all I have done today except soduku with which I am well and properly bored.

I did NOT exercise. I did not fix breakfast. I did not fix lunch. I substituted dark chocolate covered licorice for both meals and my tummy is complaining justifiably.

I am missing my youngest child who spent a week with me here in Brisbane and flew off to Japan yesterday morning. One ought to mourn one day, but two is a bit extensive in the mourning department.

I loved having him and his lovely Japanese partner here in the house. I loved the energy of having my child in my space. I loved long talks on the front veranda in the morning and longer talks on the back veranda in the evenings.

I miss my family. I will recover and do my tasks including working on Das Book sometime on Friday. You see, I find multiple excuses for putting it all off for the time being.

Just thought I'd share. Happy Thursday to you all..or Wednesday if that is your tomorrow.