Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day - A three day week end


And how many of you intend to go to your local cemetary tomorrow to put wreaths or flowers on a soldier's grave?

Yeah, I know. America surely isn't Australia where dead soldiers are the primary focus of all national holidays. These folks take their veterans very, very seriously, more seriously than Americans do.

As much as I disaprove of the USA's involvement in the middle east, I still have the greatest respect for the young Americans who have paid the price for us all by keeping their word and showing up in Iraq and Afganistan when their government told them they must.

Just thought I'd check in with ya'll and see how you felt about these young folks who so much need us to change the direction of our country so that they can come home again. I understand from a recent Yahoo article that one of four homeless persons in the USA is a vet. Gives pause for thought, doesn't it?

It's a rainy day down under. Actually, it's been a rainy day most days for the past two weeks. No complaints. We are in serious drought conditions. The land sops up the water and finally our sub tropical forests are beginning to look a tad healthy again. All this rain kept me from my planned birthday excursion, a 12 kilometer trek in Warrumbungle National Park down in New South Wales. We put off our trip south until after we come back from America in March. Summer school holidays begin here in about a week. All national parks will be a tad overburdened with vactioning families until the kiddies go back to school. I look forward to being out of the city and back in the 'natural' world then.

Be well...write again soon.