Sunday, September 09, 2007

La Mome (La Vie en Rose)

La Vie En Rose, the bio pic of the life of Edith Piaff, is one of the most moving motion pictures I have seen in the last few years. Tears began to trickle onto my cheeks early on in the film and by the end, I was sniffing, snorting and generally wishing I had a tissue. However, it was not that kind of tear jerker so often made by ATT advertisements.

Some felt that the film was 'needlessly melodramatic', but I disagree. The disjointed nature of the scenes, the darkness of the film, the shadows, mirrored the tragic underpinnings of Edith's extraordinary voice.

Makes one wonder why some who are given such gifts are also loaded with so much baggage. For them jumping the hurdles of life is hardly possible. Struggle may cause us to thrive, but some of us would not have managed to survive such trauma. The truth, if this film represents fairly the truths of the singer's life, are beyond the ken of most fiction authors.

I do recommend this film. The music is breath taking.