Wilderness — A Meditation

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Here I am, once again, trying to write something of value. I have just begun Zora Neal Hurston's" Their Eyes Were watching God" and I realize how inadequate my own writing is. My ability to catch a phrase, to use a metaphor, is quiescent. It seldom breaks the surface of my consciousness. Metaphors that I love to read never occur to me. I suppose they wouldn't be so striking if I had already thought of them. Still, Hurston's ability to frame a mood is exquisite. Her words make me pause to dip into their thickness, into their warmth or coolness depending on the mood of each. It is a wonderment to me that any mind can produce such beauty, such exact truth about the condition of the human mind.

Let me offer you one of her metaphoric personifications from page 1. "The sun was gone, but he had left his footprints in the sky." How many times have you looked at the early evening sky and seen this precisely? Have you ever thought of describing it in such a way? And what does this description portend for the hero of this story? Immediately, Hurston catches our attention, makes us wonder.

Oh, I know, it's just my English teacher self - - pontificating. But I feel like I have discovered a pearl surrounded by the ugly, grey, slimy body of an oyster or dug an opal from the trackless wastes of western Queensland, buried in the red soil with the dead salt bush and spinifex grasses hiding it from sight.

I wanted to share with you all that not since Michael Ondaatje's "English Patient" have I found in the literature of the 20th century such jewels. If you haven't gone on safari into the wilds of Hurston, you may wish to take the time to accompany me on my journey.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

La Mome (La Vie en Rose)

La Vie En Rose, the bio pic of the life of Edith Piaff, is one of the most moving motion pictures I have seen in the last few years. Tears began to trickle onto my cheeks early on in the film and by the end, I was sniffing, snorting and generally wishing I had a tissue. However, it was not that kind of tear jerker so often made by ATT advertisements.

Some felt that the film was 'needlessly melodramatic', but I disagree. The disjointed nature of the scenes, the darkness of the film, the shadows, mirrored the tragic underpinnings of Edith's extraordinary voice.

Makes one wonder why some who are given such gifts are also loaded with so much baggage. For them jumping the hurdles of life is hardly possible. Struggle may cause us to thrive, but some of us would not have managed to survive such trauma. The truth, if this film represents fairly the truths of the singer's life, are beyond the ken of most fiction authors.

I do recommend this film. The music is breath taking.

Monday, September 03, 2007

sprunging spring

Tis true..Spring has entered the southern hemisphere..

These Aussie blokes and blokettes figure the seasons from the first of the waiting around for the equinox or the solstices..ya know..

And so..even though we are droughted..truely we are..I have planted 100..spell that one hundred corn flowers..lovely future blossoms that I raised from scratch..well from seed..

Actually, sweet Em watered them weekly per my instructions whilst I was visiting round the globe in midwinter..and so they were all ready to be transplanted this morning.

How joyful it is to imagine colour in the garden.

And how will we water these sweet creatures?

We have two thousand litre rain tanks gathering dew from the roof of the house..and when it rains..they really gather!!

And so there will be enough water to keep the blossoms strong and lovely..

Makes my heart sing to have flowers in warm damp soil...

Just thought I'd let you know..

Oh..and in case you didn't realize it..a pair of lorikeets were bathing exuberantly in the back rain gutter this morning..splashing all over the pool deck..enjoying the cool.

We are fortunate indeed!

Hope the same is true for you northern hemisphere folks, some of whom will be celebrating Labour Day tomorrow..

happy holiday!!