Friday, August 31, 2007

oh..the right side

Yep! I know I have covered this topic before, but today is Friday in Oz..the first day of the second week of our return down under.

And, I toddled out to the Commodore, inserted the key in the ignition, buckled up, looked behind first, and drove!

Some folks are far more intrepid than I am, but it did take courage to put myself back in dangers way. Initially, no problems except for cars parked on both sides of Agars Street with oncoming traffic leaving very little space for my car. No scrapped sides! Relief!!

Reaching the traffic circles..better known as round-abouts wasn't too difficult only because they weren't very busy..just busy enough to remind me the direction of the flow of traffic.

Managed to make mostly left turns(nordamerkia right turns) except for one rather easy glide into a side street. Parking was uneventful. I do use my rear view mirrors here..

And..after a flat white..Aussie only coffee..I managed to make it home..but..I assure you the first time out again was harrowing..but successful..