Monday, August 27, 2007

Home again, home again..jigity jig

Greetings from a most beautiful, clear, celebratory Monday...

It is so good to be home again. I apologize for the lapse in my attention to each of you in this past few weeks. Travel made it difficult to focus on writing. I know it ought to enhance the words that pour forth in celebration of the beauty of this planet on which we live, but somehow enjoying that beauty, being immersed in its colour, interacting with the folks who people its cities and towns, communing with the critters who call various coners home just overtook my energy.

The sun rose early over the fig tree wilderness that surrounds my office windows this morning. Warm covers released me into the dark morning around 3:45 a.m...jet lagging will soon be a memory, but somehow it still commands my attention in before-dawn Brisbane.

We are formulating a two year plan..during which we are preparing to leave Oz for a while to reside in Nordamerika to build a small house on the prarie near the Canadian border. Dual citizenship would enhance our ability to travel back and forth. Enjoying the eastern Sierra in the late summer, the Dakota plains in the early summer, and finding a spanish speaking home somewhere south of the Mexican border for the winters with trips back to Australia at all the pertinent times seems like the perfect retirement option for both of us.

And so..I welcome any suggestions you might have for that winter time..of course..depending on which hemisphere's winter we are considering.

Enough for this morning. The porridge is ready. Ciao.