Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Roses and the Credit Union

Greetings, all!!

I have just returned from a week in Sydney. I was assisting a friend who owns Gifts of the Goddess, a business involved in promoting and selling archetypal items associated with a variety of goddess manifestations. We spent four days selling amulets, Isis necklaces, vases, cards, calendars, incense holders, t-shirts, and various and sundry other items.

Since our product was so extensive, we drove the 13 hours on mostly two lane highways 1000 kilometres from Brisbane to Sydney. What a beautiful country the east coast of Oz turns out to be. Fortunately the only road kill we encountered were foxes, whose lovely pelts lay across the highway several times. Foxes are NOT indigenous to Australia. The government uses a virus to try and control populations because otherwise these wily European critters would quickly destroy the native fauna of New South Wales. The Brits brought in the fox early on to facilitate their desire for fox hunting. Needless to say, they forgot to consider that there are no natural predators, except for a few python, to cull this population, which quickly became overwhelming and destructive.

Now that you know all of that, let me share with you also that upon arriving home, I found that my Aussie credit union had sent me a newsletter. Upon opening the envelope I was amazed to find on the first page a lengthly article on THE ROSE, another European interloper in Australia, kind of like I am. Some of you may know that for thrirteen years I owned Natural High Health Foods in California. And so, I am always pleased to find info on new uses of herbs and plant varieties. Here was a surprise. I knew of rose hips, but I didn't know of some other uses of the rose.

First of all, the most fragrant roses grow in Bulgaria and Turkey.

Second of all, rosewater makes an excellent toner for dry skin as it is anti-inflammatory, a gentle antiseptic.

That rose hip mentioned earlier has more vitamin C than most citrus fruits and so a good cup of rosehips tea offers about 1700 mg of vitamin C. Try it; you might like it.

Rosewater soaked in cotton pads help to refresh eyes infected with conjunctivitis.

The antibacterial aspects of some roses help constrict the tiny blod capillaries that redden cheeks... easier than lazer surgery.

The Bach flower remedy, the wild rose, helps with a sense of hopelessness, anger, and anxiety.

So..there you have it..European news from the southern hemisphere. Not precisely what I expected from my credit union.

Be well!