Thursday, May 17, 2007

MBTI..a test of your vital functions :)

Hi ya..

Here is the web address for those of you who love self take a look at how you operate in the world. I just took the test..which is an offshoot of the Meyers/Briggs Personality Sorter..of which many of you are already aware.

Of course, this test is just one more example of my need to understand how I work in the world, how my loved onesand I fit our own patterns, how best to make a difference in the al. If that stuff is of no interest to you just now..ignore the whole thing. If, however, you are intrigued as I am about how relationships operate, this one is for you!

On the other hand..drought..drought..drought..

Does it come as a result of climate change? Not sure..the driest year in Brisbane recorded history occured in 1904..but this past year is one for the record books, too. We are down to 4 minute showers, no watering of plants with 'town water' water tanks have been installed to catch the rain off the huge tin roof of our that we can water the camellia bushes and keep them alive..

We don't wash cars anymore..which means that I noticed that the western sun this afternoon turned my car windows into reflecting glass rather than see through. I'll go out and wash the car windows before driving off tomorrow.

Australia is busily building de-salination plants for her cities..and plants to recycle waste water for us to drink..ugh!..Cotton plantations are being asked to discontinue their last! you realize just how thirsty cotton is? another ugh!!

Our lawns are brown and the birds delight in the rain gutters in which each morning there still is dew dropping drips.

be soon