Monday, April 23, 2007

Rained last night

And it didn't rain the night before.

However, if the skies of this lovely autumn Monday morning are any sign of future weather, it looks like it will be the warm, sunny variety.

Just before the rain fell, my intrepid partner hooked up the last of the pipes to connect our brand new 1000 litre rain water tanks to the spout of the gutters for the front portion of our roof. We stood on the front veranda and listened to the water pouring into our tanks! Hooray.

I share here his previous description of life in Brissy due to the drought:

We are on level 5 water restrictions.... we all use the same wet sponge to wash, (D then nukes it in the microwave) and we pray for rain so we can run around outside to have a shower.

Latest scheme is to recycle sewerage as they do in some parts of Europe ......... didn't meet with great appeal.........maybe they should have filtered it somehow first ....Hmm.

The name for the recycling scheme wasn't the greatest either... "Getting Your Own Back" hindsight wasn't the most user friendly and catchy name they could have picked..

If you wish to wash your car or the dog you need to call a Professional Dog/Car washer..... not necessarily the same person....although the guy who washed the car said he was sure his high pressure water blaster would work just as well on the dog.

Entrepreneurial individuals have already started stealing water.The Council has suggested putting locks on any outside taps around your home. I have just hooked ours up to the 240 volt electricity supply. You just need to remember to jump in the air, so as not to have any contact to ground, as you turn the tap on.

I am waiting for someone to suggest towing an Iceberg up from Antarctica .... I know it didn't work the last time because just about all of it melted before it got here; but surely they could capture a bigger one ... or bring two ..!! Gosh must I think of everything.