Saturday, April 07, 2007

Politicos.. is helping us all out again by promoting a conversation between Americans on line and their democratic party potential presidential candidates. The banner at the right gives you more info. You can, of course check out the link above.

In other areas of life, all is well. Easter week end is a big deal in Oz. Not in terms of religiousity necessarily, but in terms of holiday. Four days of camping, surfing and general family connections makes it a time when most Aussies travel to their favourite spots.

That means the city is pretty quiet. We slept til after 8 a.m. this morning because except for one 747 headed for points west there was no traffic in our environment to wake us, no garbage trucks, no cement mixers, no delivery vans racing up and down our city streets.

It is breezy and relatively cool with clear skies..not a good sign for drought ravaged south eastern Queensland. But it did rain steadily for about a half an hour yesterday. The Frangipani bordering our front veranda are thankful for that moisture.

Hope you each enjoy your spring we begin to enjoy our autumn cool.