Sunday, April 22, 2007

Been a while

Greetings, dear friends..

It's been a while since I have logged in to comment on my world.

This morning, as I filed three long fingernails, I realized that in America I only filed nails to repair breaks, cracks, and damage. Could have been a result of lots of paper work. One forgets how damaging the chemicals used in paper making can be to hands and nails. One forgets until there is little paper in one's life and nails grow longer and stronger.

Initially, I thought my nails grew in Oz due to some weird sort of humidity or maybe even the more relaxed, less stressful lifestyle of retirement. But, now, I suspect that the growth of my nails, the health of my skin and hands has more to do with simply not handling so many chemically created products.

That makes me wonder also about noses. You know as I do that our noses don't stop growing, just as our nails do not stop growing. Unlike the length of our legs or the width of our lips, the length of our noses, our cartiledge, goes on growing..sometimes even for a short time after we die.

That thought sent me into the bathroom mirror to check my nose. I rather like it these days. The symetry of my face has improved with the length of my nose. I know, some old folks have noses too long for their faces, but mine has somehow caught up with the rest of my features..and contributes to my 'ancient' look rather well.

With this commentary on physical features completed, I wish you a happy third week in April..