Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day

Today is 25 April and in Australia this date is dedicated to the remembrance of all those who have served in the armed forces.

Somehow this day takes on a slightly different tenor than does the American Memorial Day Service.

It is the one Aussie holiday that isn't always attached to a long week end. People, very young and very old, take it seriously. This morning at one of the dawn services ( every community has one and individuals often rise just before dawn to remember if they are not in one of those communities) I listened to the roll call of those who have served along with a few thousand others as the sun rose over the Pacific.

I am strangely very proud of these Aussie soldiers/sailors for what they have contributed to their own country and often to countries around them. May their government keep them involved only in situations where they have the opportunity to serve as role models.

As the sun rose the following bugle reminded us of the fallen. You might find it a moving tribute, too.