Monday, February 12, 2007

well, how in heck are ya?

It's been six days since I've shared my thoughts. And how are you on this Sunday in Amerika..hopefully a lovely day full of moisture in the skies and not too much on the ground.

Here in Oz we are in the throes of a drought – hard to imagine, I know when it rains at least weekly. It just doesn't seem to want to rain on the catchment areas – whatever that means. I know, it means the damns or the place where the folks around here decided to store their excess moisture a few years ago, like maybe 50 years ago. Weather patterns change and the rains on the plains of eastern Queensland are falling in different areas now. NO duh!!

All that aside, I want to take a moment to talk with you about my newest research into Meyers/Briggs/Temperament Sorter classifications. My friend was on line the other day while we were talking trans pacific on the phone. Her sharing was about her findings about various personality styles according to the MBTI.

If you know me at all, you probably know that I am proud to be an INFJ..according to that particular test. And as only 1.5% of the population fall into this category..among those who have taken this test, at least – I often feel lonely. You see where I'm headed? Yuppers..I haven't written lately cause I have been a tad lonely. Not lonely for Amerikans so much – although I do miss you guys, but lonely for another INFJ. Since we are so few and far between, I sometimes mope around just wishing someone who really understood me would come through my front door.

So I joined the INFJ list serve. Ugh. Now that's an interesting bunch of commentary about nothing in particular and everything in general. There is a list serve for all personality types. You might want to google your type and see what you find.

Bottom line (please excuse the cliche), I am reminded yet again that my writing style (Masters thesis) is determined by my personality type. And academics are definitely not INFJs very often. More like TJs most of the time. And my rambling, intuitive moments of typing do not impress. Not only is my writing unimpressive to 98.5% of the population, it is annoying to most. That's a pretty difficult place to find a writer who really would like to publish her thoughts. Hummmm...

Any suggestions about how to ..nah!!..I it like the majority if you want to make a living as a writer or just write for my own joy..and say..what the hell to the rest of the world!!

Be good..enjoy the rest of your week end..Monday in Oz is good..hope the same is true for Amerika.